Kids Love to Pray Too!

by Kathleen Trock

Teacher's Manual

These teacher friendly eight lessons are designed to encourage loving to pray.

Contains Music CD and Teacher's Resource CD which includes teacher tips, resources and a reproducible journal booklet.


Home Starter Kit

Great resource for using Kids Love To Pray Too! as a family devotional.

Contains: Teacher's Manual, Song Book, and individual journal


Classroom or Neighborhood Starter Kit

This combination contains the resources you will need  in a church, small group or neighborhood setting.

Contains: Teacher's Manual, Song Book and 15 individual journals.


Paperless Curriculum

Print whatever you need when you need it. 

Contains: Entire Curriculum (Teacher's Manual, Song Book, and Resource Materials) on 3 CDs.


Individual Journal

Gives participants the opportunity to draw, write, sketch, their prayers and insights from each lesson. Each journal page contains the week's Bible memory verse.

The 10-pack option is a great resource for small groups or families.


Song Book

Includes piano scores and lyrics for each week's suggested praise and worship music.

Partial Listing of Songs:
  • Father, I Pray
  • God is Good
  • God Loves Me
  • I'm Sorry, Lord
  • I Have Chosen You

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