The Pebbles and Stones Model

Each Pebbles and Stones lesson has key components and characteristics. They are designed to create an environment where each participant can hear what God is saying to them, grow in relationship with Him and build community with others through prayer.  All components focus on the scripture passage or Biblical narrative being used for each lesson. We see loving God and loving our neighbor not as a abstract but rather a profoundly concrete way to demonstrate His love. Participants are encouraged to see how God will meet their needs and lead them to help meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those within their community and beyond. The reality of loving God, ourselves, and others is experienced during each meeting. 

A twelve year old girl who had been rescued from sex trafficking tangibly experienced God's healing love as she exclaimed, "Not only is God holding me, He is holding my heart."


The Components

Each component is based on a specific learning style. In this way, each participant hears the Biblical narrative through their own unique learning style along with the other learning styles.

 Introductory Question
 Praise and Worship
 Biblical Story/Narrative
 Listening to God all Week Long

Key Characteristics

Each characteristic is skillfully woven into each meeting so that each participant can grow in their relationship with God and with others through which they can experience the Kingdom of God.

 Teaching Flexible Lessons through the art of story telling.
 Encouraging singing "New Songs"
 Seeking an Intergenerational Community

"Teaching children 
to talk with God 
creates a safe environment 
where the Father 
can reveal truth
to them." 

-Kathleen Trock-Molhoek,
founder of
Pebbles and Stones

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