Family Edition

During the time of COVID-19, we want to make one lesson available every week as a free resource for families or other groups during this time.


Lessons Available Now


Amharic (Ethiopia) አማርኛ  āmarinya

Burmese (Myanmar) ဗမာ bamar

Chichewa (Chinyanja/Cinianja)


Lao (Laos)  ວັນນະໂຣກ  vanna ork

Malay (Malaysia)  Bahasa Melayu

Malayalam (India)  മലയാളം  malayāḷaṁ

Portuguese Português

Russian  русский  russkiy

Spanish  Español

Swahili  Kiswahili

Thai (Thailand) ไทย  Thịy 


Lessons Available Soon

Albanian (Albania) Shqiptare

Arabic   আরবি    Ārabi

Bengali (India) বাংলা  Bānlā

Finnish Suomalainen

Hindi (India)   हिंदी  hindee

Khmer (Cambodia)  ខ្មែរ  khmer

Mandarin  普通话  Pǔtōnghuà

Taiwanese (Taiwan)


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