Training Global Leaders

"I felt the entrance of the Holy Spirit
through the violin and piano."

Christ Church training
Pebbles and Stones training at Christ Church PCA, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Leaders, parents, and teachers came from Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Holland to attend the Pebbles and Stones training on September 15. Several of those who attended will be using the the model in Kenya, Honduras and Mexico.

The training began with a time of worship led by Debbie and Annie Bukovietski, and Jeffrey Niemeier. Jeffery began playing the violin during Pebbles and Stones group meetings when he was ten years old. He currently accompanies Christian Music groups on tours.  Commenting on the worship, one of the participants said, "I felt the entrance of the Holy Spirit through the violin and piano."
Our youngest participant was three years old and attended with her mother. She listened, journaled (drew a picture) and participated with the group.

In addition to teaching the Pebbles and Stones model, topics included: 
  • Why the inter-generational community is critical to maintaining a sustainable community of believers
  • What is discipline verses punishment
  • Healing of Broken Hearts
Comments from the training participants:

"My favorite parts were the beautiful stories of how God speaks to His children (of all ages) and the healing and freedom He brings when we create a place to listen."

"I thought the whole day was fantastic. I loved the group journal time, and I can't tell you how much the stories blessed my heart, too!"
"I loved understanding the importance of an inter-generational community."
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