Spotlight on Africa: Sustainable Project Opportunity

Through your monthly support Kenya has been able to buy the following:

  • One sack of beans which help facilitate the lunch program (locally known as githeri, which is a mixture of both maize and beans)
  • Textbooks, which were missing in some of their classes
  • School chalk and writing materials
  • Milk for the children and tea for the teachers
  • Cell phone

Because of you, Kenya is empowered to provide quality education, which is a key weapon to release the children from poverty in their future life.  In the past two years they have seen great progress as far as academics is concerned.  They have seen the children thriving.

Currently there are 76 children attending the Pebbles and Stones meetings.  That number continues to rise each academic year.

The school/orphanage director says that it is evident that God speaks through the children.  They are optimistic that the Lord has a lot in store for them through faith and His ways.

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