Spotlight on Liberia

This fall we completed a virtual training in Liberia, facilitated by Reverend Boimah Mason and his wife Mercy.


"The overall training was excellent, and every topic was essential. We are now applying the method of Pebbles and Stones in reaching many kids in Liberia. "Rev. Boimah


Rev. Boimah testified that the topic of “Creating a Safe Environment” was particularly impactful to him and much needed in his community. He shared,


"In many communities, including some religious settings, children are mostly neglected. Most kids are abused by their parents, teachers, and some church leaders who should lead them in a positive direction; this is sad. Rape has been a severe issue in our communities against children, especially girls. We have the obligation and responsibility to provide or create a safe environment for every child. I am so glad that Pebbles and Stones can join us in providing us the opportunity to serve wherein every child will experience Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual protection. Thanks to the Pebbles and Stones family for such training."






Margaret Peggy Good Memorial Christian Academy Proprietorship
Rev Boimah and Mercy Mason
Monrovia, Liberia

Testimony from Mrs. Martha Weah:

"The topic on Discipline was beneficial on my part. I could not tell all along the difference between discipline and punishment, especially when dealing with children who are not following in during what is right. I thought my hostile action towards children was implementing the act of discipline, but the training gave me an eye-opening where I realized that I was mostly punishing kids instead of using the Preventative Discipline method that will bring a positive mindset."


Testimony from Miss Comfort Kyne:

"I was blessed to have attended the training. The topic on Hearing God’s Voice made a tremendous difference in my life as I teach children. I could not tell the differences between the voice of God and the voice of the enemy. However, from the training, I learned that God has many ways to speak to His people, especially in circumstances."



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